Italian Donation Institute: Seminar in Turin
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Italian Institute of Donation : Seminar in Turin

Thanks to the meeting “Giving well is possible today”, arranged by the Italian Institute of Donation and the Compagnia di San Paolo, held in Turin on last 29th March, we could see the interest some politicians, societies and foundations nourish towards the mission and the activities of the Institute.

And the conspicuous participation of non-profit associations representatives.

On the occasion, the contents of the Donation Chart were described, as well as the reasons for the founding of the Institute and the experiences of similar international organizations.

A DEEPENING SEMINAR will be held in Turin on the 20th April, 14.30-17.30 at the University of Turin, via Verdi 8 – Mario Allara Room.


These are the scheduled abstracts: 

The origins of The Donation Chart and of the Institute: benefits and advantages. Maria Teresa Scherillo

Agreement and assistance supports. Franco Vannini

The guide lines to assess the compliance to the Chart requirements. Cinzia Di Stasio.

Save Children’s Life, in compliance with the management policy our members approved, that is adopting from the very start a governance, accountability and transparency policy, decided to apply for acknowledgement to the Istituto Italiano della Donazione (Donation Italian Institute), and to start the certication procedures.

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