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The activities are growing....
Friday 2 march 2007
The Primary School of Mumias was ”adopted” by Save Children's Life. It is in a rural area ....
National Convention about the medical cooperation with the Middle Eastern and Mediterranean Countries
Friday 9 Febbruary 2007
Thursday 8th February at the Farnesina Palace the “National Convention...
Workshop IME a Damasco - Siria
venerdì 2 febbraio 2007
Workshop in Damasco
9 – 10 February 2007
First Day – February the 9th: Hematological
European Union regulations for Pediatrics medicine development 
Friday 26th January 2007
The European Union regulations for Pediatrics medicine development...
Reconstruction support programmes

Tuesday 23rd January 2007

The Philippines are frequently hit by natural disasters, making casualties...

Working support programmes
Friday 19th January 2007
To fight poverty and unemployment, Save Children’s Life allocate a budget...
Health – We cure: BBC -STAC
Thursday 18th January 2007 
In the Philippines...
Christmas initiatives in the Philippines: the visit
Monday 15th January 2007
Last December 2006, shortly before Christmas, Save Children’s Life Country Officer
Charting the Mediterranean Child 2006
Tuesday 9th January 2007
MedChild introduced during the recent International conference in Rabat


Christmas 2006 campaign
Thursday 21st December 2006
The Christmas campaing for sensitization and fund raising for Save Children's Life is going on
Christmas initiatives in the Philippines 
Monday 18th December 2006
In this month, shortly before the Christmas holidays, Save Children’s Life Country Officer
Universal Children's Day: for us it is everyday
Monday 20th November 2006
On the 20th November 2006 we celebrate the International Day for the Rights of Children, ratified by the ONU Convention on the Rights of Children on the 20 November 1989 and received by Italy in 1991.  
Maldives EDC Mission: great cooperation
Sunday 19th November 2006
The team of the Maldives National Early Childhood Care and Development (ECCD) Center is leaving.
They have been with us from the 13th to the 19th November, with the purpose to observe and assimilate the main characteristics...
From the far away islands to learn how to teach to children
Friday 10th November 2006
The Government of the Maldives, as to the Maldives National Early Childhood Care and Development (ECCD) Strategy (2000), basing itself on the principle that the healthy foundation of psychosocial...
III Thalassaemia hymmunogenetics and biology transplant course
Thursday 9th November 2006
IMEFoundation arrange in Rome the “III Thalassaemia hymmunogenetics and biology transplant course”
The course is valid for the ECM formative credits issue.
You can follow almost live the numerous activities of Save Children’s Life and of its partners, but above all of those who, every day, expect to find a friendly heart to rely on.