From Erbil to Italy to conquer the right to health

From Erbil to Italy to conquer the right to health

For the 52 children arrived in our country to be cured, it seems the Italian adventure began in the best way possible. Most of them, together with their families, were received in the prearranged reception houses and started their therapeutic path, while the most seriously ill were immediately hospitalized.

Some of the little patients, suffering with serious heart disorders, were already submitted to surgical interventions at the San Donato Milanese Hospital, and their post-operative course seems to be satisfying. News coming from the Bambin Gesù Hospital and from Umberto I and Tor Vergata Policlinico Hospitals in Rome are positive, too, as for everybody the post-operative course started.

The opening of this real health channel marks the beginning of a very important health cooperation project between our country and Iraqi Kurdistan. Planned by IME Foundation and strongly supported by our Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in particular by the Directorate General for the Countries of the Mediterranean and Middle East and the Ambassador Mr Riccardo Sessa, this project aims to build up in Northern Iraq an efficacious health system, available for the whole population.

In a few months, the Italian army will leave from Iraq, but Italy is not going to desert the country, as our Government committed themselves to accomplish some initiatives supporting the building up. The target is to propose an Italian model of cooperation, the same pattern proposed and supported by the IME Foundation in all their initiatives.

It’s a cooperation approach which, in these years, allowed the Foundation to keep cooperation channels open with the main hospital in Baghdad and, at the same time, to work out a health intervention in the Iraqi Kurdistan.

The most significant backbone of this project lays in the possibility of involving in a unique international cooperation network many different Italian institutions. Infact, besides the Ministry of the Foreign Affairs, in this initiatives there are the Ministry of Health and Lazio Region, the main universities in Rome and hospitals in Milan, Florence, Genoa and Rome.

The presence in Italy of 12 Kurdish specialists, cardiologists and haematologists, who came to Italy to follow their little patients and to attend upgrading and training courses, is to be considered as a real step forward towards the conquer of the health autonomy.

Maybe, the day when all Kurdish children will be able to be cured without facing with the risks of a long travel is yet to come, but for sure, everybody is taking real steps forward towards that direction.

Thursday 12th October 2006